About Me

My experience and outlook

My knowledge and experience lies in a school computing background, at Secondary level and in supporting developments in primary schools. My original degree was in Computing and Physics and I have taught both subjects at secondary level.

In a fast paced subject area I have adopted many hats: subject lead, IT coordinator, CPD trainer, examiner, moderator (and probably some that I have forgotten!). In all my dealings with others I have sought to adapt my approach so that I take them from where they are at the moment towards where they want or need to be in whatever size steps will work. I bring a wealth of experience to my discussions and am always ready to learn more myself.

I have worked with both students and staff in furthering their digital needs and have seen success with those at the ‘terrified’ end through to the ‘gifted’ end. Each person just needs to take the next step for them, small steps are as good as leaps and bounds when it comes to moving towards being independent and creative in using digital technologies.